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Can Consumers Legally Buy CBD?

If you live in one of the 47 states that has legalized CBD to one extent to another, you have no worries about buying it in your state. While the federal situation is still a little hazy, no one has been prosecuted for buying CBD online, according to Melvin Patterson, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Paul Armentano, deputy director of NORML, a marijuana advocacy group.

Moreover, provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill, recently signed into law by President Donald Trump, could soon clarify how CBD is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. While the agency has approved CBD for use in one prescription drug, Epidiolex, it’s now considering whether it will regulate other CBD products as prescription drugs (which can include claims about their ability to treat and cure health problems, and must undergo extensive study before they are approved) or dietary supplements (which can’t make those claims, and aren’t subject to rigorous review.)

As for doctors’ role, physicians don’t write prescriptions for CBD (other than Epidiolex) in part because of cannabis’s confusing federal legal status.

Instead, doctors “recommend” the treatment, allowing a consumer to then purchase the product, often at a licensed dispensary.

In practice, however, many people buy CBD products without ever consulting with a physician.