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Sources of CBD: Cannabis and Hemp

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Did you know that CBD can come from both industrial hemp and cannabis? Both plants, though part of the same family, are genetically distinct entities with drastically different pasts and evolutionary paths. They both contain CBD but are markedly different plants in their cultivation, ability to produce CBD, and general application.

There have been real and important legal gains for hemp farming in America in just the last decade or so, with industrial hemp farming resuming for the first time in 80 years. There is a lot of debate around hemp versus cannabis sources of CBD, and there is no clear right or wrong. Not only that, but the whole topic takes on a layer of complexity and confusion given the legal morass that hemp and cannabis currently wade around in. Because while people might think (and producers will often tell you) that hemp-derived CBD is legal, the reality is not so clear-cut.

In this new age of Cannabis sativa (referring to the larger taxonomic species that includes both plants) therapeutics, the genetic paths of hemp and cannabis are converging. We are cross-breeding and manipulating genes to offer a plethora of CBD-dominant products to patients, and the lines between hemp and cannabis are blurring. But for the moment, it’s still worth talking about these two sources of CBD as being distinctly different.

Can we get controversial for a minute here? We have to when it comes to talking about hemp versus cannabis sources of CBD, because it is a HOT debate right now. Let’s begin with some key differences between the plants.